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FACTS about Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest county in EUROPE (603,628 square kilometres)

Ukraine has seven Unesco World Heritage sites, including the 11th century Saint-Sophia Cathedral in Kiev and the primeval beech forests of the Carpathian mountains

The deepest metro station in the world is Arsenalna, a station on Kiev’s red line (105.5 metres below ground).

Ukraine is an Aspiring IT Outsourcing Superpower. There are nearly 100 000 of Ukrainian programmers working behind the scenes of thousands of businesses across the world. It is planned to invest $1 billion to double the number of active IT specialists by the year of 2020. Ukrainian programmers work for such household enterprises as Oracle, Samsung, Cisco.


Rene, US,

San Francisco

India, New Deli

Kiev’s main street Khreshchatyk, is the shortest yet widest main capital's street in the world (only 1.2km long)

The city of Lviv is sometimes claimed to have the most cafes in the world per capita.

The Tunnel of Love is found in the forests of Ukraine. The rail road is used for a private train that provides wood for a local factory.

I have enjoyed the energy and the great concept developed by Ideal International while in Kiev.
Not only did I have a chance to learn the Russian language, but I also attended a variety of their social gatherings which allowed me to meet a lot of great people from the city and from abroad.

Great place to have fun, learn and develop business relationships

Our tutor provides a very friendly atmosphere. While teaching that helps a lot apart from that she has a lot of patience to hear our wrong pronunciations and corrects them politely.


Thanks a lot!

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Great Britain


Tengo ya cuatro meses estudiando ingles, y me va muy bien les recomiendo esta escuela para el aprendizaje de ingles u otros idiomas. me gusta las clases debido a que son didácticas y muy divertidas usan muchos métodos de enseñanza.



I've been learning English for about four months now and it goes very well. I highly recommend this language school for learning the languages thanks to their many wonderful methods of teaching.

I am English, and I studied Russian (individual classes) at "Ideal Internatoinal" lovely language School for about 9 months. 

I studied with several different teachers during this time. They were all very pleasant, knowledgeable, and they were able to explain to me the complexities of Russian grammar in my own language. They were also very flexible with the timing of lessons which was important to me because of my unpredictable work schedule. 


I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending "Ideal International"!


Reitarska 6-a, office 38

metro station Zoloti Vorota  - 3 min walk, metro stations Khreshatik, Tetralna & Maidan - 10 min walk



Contact us if in doubt, we will guide

or meet you! +380931555150

Yaroslavska 11, office 202 

( Kontraktova - 3 min walk) 



When exiting metro station Kontraktova you should take the exit with just stairs, not the one with an escalator.

Predslavynska 34B, 1st floor office block at your left 

( Palats Ukraina - 2 min walk)



Contact us if in doubt, we will guide

or meet you!



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Velyka Vasylkivska 66, office 405

( Olimpiiska - 1 min walk)

Office centre Troitski



Contact us if in doubt, we will guide

or meet you!



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