HOW TO WRITE and STRUCTURE A BUSINESS LETTER. Как написать деловое письмо на английском. Важные фраз

Самые ходовые фразы для написания делового письма на английском.

Most useful phrases, addressing and vocabulary for a business letter.
Ниже представлены обращения и фразы согласно бизнес английского, распределенные по категориям.

Когда Вы хотите извиниться

When you want to apologise

  • We are sorry for the delay in replying to ...

  • I regret any inconvenience caused (by) ...

  • I would like to apologise for the (delay, inconvenience)...

  • Once again, please accept my apologies for ...

Когда Вам нужно договориться о цене

Asking for a price

  • Please send us your price list.

  • You will find enclosed our most recent catalogue and price list.

  • Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice.

Обсудить условия оплаты

Referring to payment

  • Our terms of payment are as follows ...

  • Our records show that we have not yet received payment of ...

  • According to our records ...

  • Please send payment as soon as possible.

  • You will receive a credit note for the sum of ...

  • We have pleasure in enclosing a detailed quotation.

  • We can make you a firm offer of ...

Когда Вам нужно поговорить о заказах

Speaking about orders orders

  • Thank you for your quotation of ...

  • We are pleased to place an order with your company for..

  • We would like to cancel our order n° .....

  • Please confirm receipt of our order.

  • I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of your order n° .....

  • Your order will be processed as quickly as possible.

  • It will take about (two/three) weeks to process your order.

  • We can guarantee you delivery before ...(date)

  • Unfortunately these articles are no longer available / are out of stock.

Как сообщить о приложенных файлах

Enclosing documents

  • I am enclosing ...

  • Please find enclosed ...

  • You will find enclosed ...

Как заканчивать бизнес письмо на английском

Closing remarks

  • If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.

  • If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • If you require more information ...

  • For further details ...

  • Thank you for taking this into consideration.

  • Thank you for your help.

  • We hope you are happy with this arrangement.

  • We hope you can settle this matter to our satisfaction.

Как написать на английском предложение о сотрудничестве

Referring to future collaboration

  • We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

  • We would be (very) pleased to do business with your company.

  • I would be happy to have an opportunity to work with your firm.

Как завершить концовку делового письма, выразив ожидания ответа, комментариев, назначить встречу...

Referring to future contact...

  • I look forward to seeing you next week.

  • Looking forward to hearing from you, ...

  • Looking forward to receiving your comments,

  • I look forward to meeting you on the (date).

  • I would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.

  • An early reply would be appreciated.

Как написать концовку делового письма на английском языке

Ending business letters

Для всех клиентов:

For all customers and clients:

◊ Sincerely, ◊ Yours sincerely, ◊ Sincerely yours,

В более формальных письмах:

In more formal letters:

◊ Yours faithfully,

Обращение в деловом письме к тем, кого Вы уже хорошо знаете:

For those you already know and/or with whom you have a working relationship:

◊ Regards, ◊ Best regards.

Больше о написании деловых писем, коммерческих предложений, составлении презентаций Вы можете узнать на тренингах школы английского Ideal International, а также, записавшись на курс Business English.


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