☎ TOP Russian phrases. Phone Calls + Skype Practice. Communication with people from Russian Speaking

Do you want to learn how to speak on the phone in RUSSIAN?

It will be VERY useful for you!

Can I speak to John please? / Джона можно? [`Johna `mozhna]

Just a moment. / Минутку. [Mi`noutku]

OK / Хорошо [Hara`sho]

I don’t understand. / Я не понимаю. [`Ya ne pani`mayu]

Could you put me through to someone who speaks English, please? / Соедините меня, пожалуйста, с человеком, говорящим по-английски. [Saedi`nite me`nya, pa`zhalsta, s chela`vekom, gava`ryashchim pa-ang`liski]

Could you ask him / her to call me back, please? / Попросите его/её, пожалуйста, перезвонить мне. [Papra`site e`vo/e`yo, pa`zhalsta, perezva`nit’ mne]

My number is / Мой номер [Moy `nomer…]

Extension / внутренний [vnutrenni]

I’ll call back later / Я перезвоню попозже. [Ya perezva`nyu pa`pozhe]

Handling Phone Calls from & to Russian Speaking Countries

Please hold the line. / Не кладите, пожалуйста, трубку. [Ne kla`dite, pa`zhalsta, `trubku]

I am sorry, the line is engaged at the moment. / Извините, линия сейчас занята. [Izvi`nite, `linia sei`chas zanya`ta]

I am sorry, there is no answer. / Извините, номер не отвечает. [Izvi`nite, `nomer ne otve`chaet]

I am connecting you with voicemail. / Я соединю Вас с автоответчиком. [Ya saedin`yu `Vas s avtoat`vetchikom]

Thank you for calling. / Спасибо за звонок. [Spa`siba za zva`nok]

Want to practice Russian over the phone or Skype?

Be active and join our Conversational Club "Конечно" on Skype!

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One practice is only 5-7 depending on number of participants :)

For details you may also call us on whatsapp: +380507312596

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