BEST Individual OFFER


Any time that is good for you! 

Two wonderful central locations on Olimpiyska and Kontraktova!


Individual classes: 10€ per one class by Skype (60 minutes),

12€ per 60 minutes at school and 15€ per classes given at student;s location or in other than English language (Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese etc.).


When you take an Intensive Course you receive a discount, free additional classes or free Conversational club!   




We are ready to start new groups! 

Beginner Level:

the group starts on Thursday at 7.30 pm

Pre-Intermediate level:

Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm

Intermediate level:

Tuesday & Thursday at 3.45pm & 7pm

Speaking practice: Saturday at 3pm and 4.40 pm!


💎 4000 UAH per 16 classes!

💎 4500 UAH per 10 individual 


Address: Olimpiiska metro station, Str. Velyka Vasylkivska 66, forth floor, room 405.


Sign up:
📞 093 1 555 150


Russian Survival Trainings

The classes are every second Monday at 5pm.

Number of participants: usually 5-9 people


Real Russian Practice
1. Every second Sunday we practice Russian in real life. Lots of fun while asking for directions on the streets of Kiev, ordering some coffee and desserts at the cafes, hunting for shoes at shopping centres and bargaining at Andrew's decent while buying souvenirs ;) All of that is in Russian!


2. Lunch Time Russian:
Once a week we get together for having lunch at some nice cafe on Podil (Kontraktova). Meanwhile enjoying lunch we also have a nice conversation on various topics. 


Need more information?

☎ 093 1 555 150


It's very convenient to sign up for the news! 
Just send your request to:


Prices for Russian Courses
Mini group (3-4 people) - 1500-1800 grivnas per month
Comfort group (5-8 people) - 1250 grivnas (or 50$) per month


One semester is 5 months = 40 classes = 60 hours of classes



A the end of each semester the students pass a test and recieve the certificate of a certain level. 


Standard Course Description

There are 8 classes 1.5h each, which is 12 hours of classes per month. There are two classes per week in a Standard Course. You can take more intensive course by attending more classes per week, so you'll pass one level more quickly.


We also have Russian speaking club "КОНЕЧНО"!


Let us know you're willing to come for a free testing or consultation :)

As for UKRAINIAN language we are happy to provide you individual classes or sign you up for a new group. Just let us know!


For our loyal students we also provide nice bonuses like free meetings of Russian conversational club "КОНЕЧНО"! 


The address of our main office:

Кирилівська 3 (or Frunze 1-3). It's very close to metro Kontraktova.


There are offices at Olimpiska & Zoloti Vorota as well.


Sign up for a speaking club or group classes:
☎ 093 1 555 150


Individual Tutoring at our office:

10-15€ for 1 class (10€ in a set of classes) 

Individual Tutoring at your place:

15€ for 1 class 


Becoming our student you also receive for FREE:


+ A variety of the best materials for learning Russian in electronic form;


+ Every week or two: speaking practice in a group.


More benefits:


The office is located in the center of Kyiv (area of Zoloti Vorota or Olimpiyska metro stations)


Experienced teachers who provide an individual program according to the needs of the student


Intensive: GROUP OFFER


Taking an Intensive Course (three times a week a set of 3 classes) in a standard group of 7 people you pay € 216 and get 36 regular classes + 8 classes of speaking practice. One lesson length is 45 min.

In total € 216 : 44 classes= € 4.9 a class.


Embassy of Spain:

Rahul Kamboj (India)

TATA Motors Ltd. 


Our tutor provides a very friendly atmosphere. While teaching that helps a lot apart from that she has a lot of patience to hear our wrong pronunciations and corrects them politely.


Thanks a lot!

Tim Woodhouse (Great Britain)

Sibelco Ltd. 


I am English, and I studied Russian (individual classes) at "Ideal Internatoinal" lovely language School for about 9 months. 

I studied with several different teachers during this time. They were all very pleasant, knowledgeable, and they were able to explain to me the complexities of Russian grammar in my own language. They were also very flexible with the timing of lessons which was important to me because of my unpredictable work schedule. 


I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending "Ideal Internatoinal"!

Joshua Urbina (USA)

USA Embassy in Ukraine, construction project


Dear Lana!

I appreciate all that you have done for me. I really have learned a lot, and am grateful to have had you as a teacher and a friend. You gave me the opportunity to see and experience some of the lesser known places of Kyiv that are fun and quirky. I hope to continue to hear from you.  I do plan to make it back to visit Kyiv sometime in the future with Emily. We’ll look you up when we get there, and maybe we can hang out for a while. I look forward to seeing more of the sites of Kiev!

For more references and impressions from the students who took Russian & Ukrainian Courses at Ideal International 

please visit the page

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