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Timetable of classes

Every 2-4 weeks new groups start actively



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A1 morning group 'Andalucía' (from October 26): 11:00 Wed and Fri, Kontraktova **


Group A1 'León' (from November 9): Tue and Thu 19:00 + Sat 11:30 and 17:00 on request with a carrier, Olimpiyskaya metro station *


Group A1.2 'Ecuador': Mon and Thu 18:30 + Sat 11:30 on request with a carrier, m. Olympic *


Group A1 'Salvador' (from October 18): Tue and Thu 19:30 + Sat 11:30 and 17:00 on request with a carrier, Olimpiyskaya metro station *


Mini-group A1 'Cuba': Mon and Wed 18:30, Olympic *

Group A2 'Ibiza' (from September 2): Mon, Wed 16:30 ("Comfort" with Ukrainian philologist) + Sat 11:30 on request with a carrier, metro Kontraktova **


Group B1 Machu Picchu: on SUNDAYS 2 lessons (DOS MAESTROS1), metro Kontraktova **: 12: 00-13: 30, break, 13: 45-15: 15


Group A2 'Sevilla': 16:30 Tue and 11:30 Sat (DOS system MAESTROS1) M. Kontraktova **


SET!!! Group A1.2 'Cuba Libre' on SATURDAYS 2 lessons: 13: 00-14: 30, break, 14: 45-16: 15


Group B1.2 'Buenos Aires': Mon 19:00 + Sat 15:00 pm Kontraktova ** (all classes are conducted by a carrier)


Group B2 'Islas Galapagos': Mon 19:00 and Thu 18:30 (all classes are conducted by a carrier) M. Kontraktova **




* Olympic: Velyka Vasylkivska 66, of. 405 (4th floor)

** Contract: Frunze 1-3 (aka Kirilivska 3) is the main office


Vamos Conversation Club . Club de debate y conversación.


Conversational practice with a native speaker

on Saturdays at 11:30 A1-A2 and at 15:00 B1-B2 in Podil (120 UAH).

For A2 through Sunday at 12:00 and 13:40 (check by phone who leads to the sun, since favored)


1 DOS MAESTROS is the most popular format, with 50% of lessons taught by a native Spanish speaker.


The Ukrainian philologist conducts classes with an emphasis on grammar . As a rule, he explains new material at the initial level using Russian (or Ukrainian at the request of the group). The higher the level - there are more explanations purely in Spanish!


A native speaker mainly practices lexical material, puts a beautiful pronunciation. It enhances your vocabulary through dialogue and interactive games. A native speaker of Spanish speaks English and / or Russian! He can explain everything, but often does not show his form, skillfully motivating you to speak Spanish from the very first lesson :)


📞 093 1 555 150

Business English Club 'Deal Ideal'

The first business club in Kiev in English: with international experts


  • Communication Skills

  • Job Interview & Promotion

  • Cross-Cultural Negotiations

  • West meats East: Business & Culture

  • Start-Ups

  • How to be persuasive

  • Brilliant Business Ideas

  • Presentation Skills

  • Non-verbal Communication

  • Negotiation Techniques and trics


Wednesday 19:00 or Saturday 16:00 - follow the news, subscribe to the newsletter

Meetings usually take place every two weeks


Kirilovskaya 3, entrance from the yard to the right down the steps to the last door,

near metro station Kontraktova

Ticket for one event : 200 UAH - one participant

150 UAH - two participants

The cost of a subscription for 4 events:

Subscription for 4 events: 590 UAH

Registration and prepayment are required.

When taking a course of thematic lectures (at least 4 events of one module), you can receive a personal CERTIFICATE (additional payment purely for its production + 30 UAH).

The number of participants is limited. Please, when registering, indicate the number of friends you are going with :)

Details and group discussion:

Sign up with the Ideal Siking tag:

093 1555 150,

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