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Portuguese. Portuguese

Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world. It is spoken on four continents: Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. It is also the official language of eight countries.

Portuguese is the third most widely spoken European language (after English and Spanish).


Preparation for the Portuguese exam


We also prepare for international exams CELPE-Bras, CIPLE, DEPLE, DIPLE, DAPLE, DUPLE, DILP, CELP.

For each level you pass an exam and receive an internal certificate.

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One of the main advantages of learning Portuguese is that once you master it, it will be much easier to master other Latin-based languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, and become a real polyglot. Plunge into the world of the Brazilian carnival, sea beaches, football passion and year-round summer. It is the perfect language for travel and business collaboration!

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Course for TRIMESTER

Levels: A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, C1.1, C1.2:

24 group lessons + 3 conversation clubs with a native speaker

  • 6 600 UAH - group COMFORT, 6-8 students

  • 7 500 UAH - mini-group with Ukrainian philologist, 3-5 students

  • 8 000 UAH -   Dois Professores , 50% of classes are taught by a native speaker

  • 9 000 UAH   - group 100% native speaker  

  • 7 500 UAH - "1 + 1" in Ukrainian. philologist, 2 students  

  • 9 500 - "1 + 1" with a native speaker of Spanish, 2 students

* BONUSES! Conversation club with a native speaker


The cost of individual lessons:

  • with a Ukrainian philologist - 450-550 UAH (60 minutes), the cost depends on the category of the teacher and the specifics of training. Call us, we will agree on a suitable package of classes and a favorable price!

  • with a native speaker - 500-650 UAH (60 minutes). Check with the administrator about bonuses and discounts when buying a package of classes!

  • If you want the teacher to come to your office or home it will cost 100-150 UAH, can be discussed depending on the distance.


All teachers are experienced and native speakers of Spanish from Portugal or Brazil. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Testing and Trial Lessons

Testing and leveling - free at any time!

The first lesson in an already formed group - UAH 200 , while the money remains in your account with the further purchase of a subscription


  • Textbooks for levels A1-B2: 385-750 UAH (at your choice, the original methods of Portuguese and Brazilian identity, as well as textbooks with explanations in Ukrainian and Russian)


Most modern textbooks, original methods from Portugal and Brazil!

Preparation for the Portuguese language exam to obtain a residence permit.

5 locations in Kyiv

The most active: Olympic, Kontraktova and Lva Tolstogo - all locations are close to the metro!

At the end of the semester, you will receive a CERTIFICATE on the successful completion of the new level

Тестирование и Пробные занятия

Тестирование и определение уровня - бесплатно в любое удобное время!

Первое занятие в уже сформированной группе - 200 грн, при этом деньги остаются у Вас на счету при дальнейшем приобретении абонемента


port bras flag diferencas-entre-idiomas-e1565621778982.jpg
Бразилия. Карнавал.jpeg


  • Учебники для уровней А1-С1: 450-1200 грн (на Ваш выбор оригинальные методы португальских и бразильских издательств, а также учебники с объяснениями на украинском и русском языках)


Самые современные учебники, оригинальные методы из Португалии и Бразилии!

Подготовка к сдаче экзамена по португальскому языку для получения вида на жительство предполагает прохождение типовых заданий теста. 

5 локаций в Киеве + Ирпень

Самые активные: Контрактовая, Олимпийская, Осокорки, Золотые ворота!

По окончанию семестра Вы получаете СЕРТИФИКАТ об успешном прохождении нового уровня

С Ideal International Вы окунётесь в мир

бразильского карнавала, пляжей Португалии и Бразилии, футбольных страстей и круглогодичного лета! 

With Ideal International you will learn the desired level of the Portuguese language quickly and in a fun way! The program will be tailored to suit your Portuguese learning goals . Also, depending on the country of interest, you will learn the intricacies of Brazilian Portuguese or European.

You will definitely like Portuguese!

Portuguese conversation club with a native speaker

On Saturdays at 16.00 - a conversation club with native speakers! Moderators - native speakers of both European and Brazilian Portuguese! Trending topics and incredibly interesting discussions! Usually 3-5 members attend the club, so everyone can practice Portuguese as much as they can!


Sign up for testing or trial lesson:

Golden Gate and Olympic:

  📞 093 569 71 50 , 050 731 25 96


Kontraktova and Poznyaki:

  📞 093 569 71 55 , 067 723 55 30

Chat via viber - what's app - telegram 📞 093 569 71 44


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