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Polish language


Do you want to speak Polish from the very first lesson?

It 's easy with the Ideal International language center !


Five reasons to learn Polish:


1. An ideal country FOR STUDY. Let's start right away with advice to applicants;) To enter Polish universities, you do not need an ZNO certificate. Required: 1) knowledge of the Polish language and 2) a good certificate (without "triples"). Diplomas from Polish universities are highly regarded in any European country.

2. BUSINESS. A great opportunity to get a well-paid job. In addition, many Ukrainians choose Poland to expand their sales markets. For entrepreneurs Poland opens doors to Germany, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia. At the same time, prices in Poland are significantly lower in comparison with Germany, Spain, France and other countries.

3. TOURISM. Poland attracts and enchants with its ancient architecture and beautiful nature. Polish cities are very developed and Poles are very hospitable.

4. MAP OF THE POLE. Many Ukrainians have Polish roots. Those lucky ones learn Polish in order to pass interviews in Polish and get the Pole's Card. Knowledge of Polish is the key to successfully obtaining a visa for a long time.


5. EASY LANGUAGE. Who else but Ukrainians understand Polish perfectly? With just a little practice, you will not only understand everything, but also speak Polish very quickly!


With Ideal International, you will start communicating in Polish from the first lesson!

Our teachers are fluent in Polish and pass their knowledge on to students with love. Many Ukrainian teachers are half Poles themselves! Already in the first lesson, you will appreciate the professionalism and dedication of your teacher to your favorite work.

Do you want to go to Poland to get an education, to travel, get a Pole card, chat with Polish friends, or just for personal development?


On any of the options, the specialists of the Ideal International Center will advise you. We will select for you the ideal format for learning Polish, as well as answer questions regarding a visa, choosing a university or obtaining an official work permit.


The course of classes is structured in such a way as to fully meet your goals in learning Polish.

Ukrainian philologists with teaching experience will help you master such a practical language in the shortest possible time.

Before the launch of new groups, at the beginning of each semester, we do open free classes, where you can make sure that learning Polish is easy and fun.


CERTIFICATE. At the end of each level, you take a test to determine the level of the acquired material and receive a certificate.


The cost of a trimester of the "STANDARD" course:

3300 UAH (three months + materials).

At the end of the term, you write a test to determine the level.

The cost of individual lessons and mini-groups , please see the section Prices


Skype lessons:

from 150-250 UAH / hour, depending on the teacher, format and frequency of classes



- 12 hours of lessons per month (1 h = 60 min)

- CERTIFICATE of completion of the course


We will be happy to answer your questions:

093 1 555 150

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