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ALICANTE (Alicante) - a city in Spain, an autonomous Valencian community, the center of the province of the same name.

Why Alicante?


You will visit a calm developed town. Plus, autumn is the best time to travel to Spain! There are much fewer tourists, the weather is fine. In reality, the Spaniards swim in the sea until the end of October :)


A great idea to combine study and recreation! And most importantly - plunge headlong into Spanish life: language, gastronomy, attractions, the Mediterranean Sea, the pristine beaches of the Costa Blanca, new acquaintances!

Another important advantage is that prices are much lower than in such famous tourist cities as Barcelona or Granada. Only on housing can you save 2-3 times!

Start of the following groups:
- 4 September

- 2 October

- October 30

- November 27


- 2 weeks / 30 hours / accommodation - from 732 euros
- 3 weeks / 45 hours / accommodation - from 860 euros
- 4 weeks / 60 hours / accommodation - from 950 euros

Lesson schedule and group levels:
- Daily from Monday to Friday

- from 9 to 12 hours (3 hours a day)

- 12 levels from A1 to C2 +

Unlike agencies, we will immediately introduce you to your local university representative in Alicante at the very beginning of your vacation planning! And you will directly learn about all the interesting details of life in this beautiful city firsthand!


Contact us and we will gladly tell you about all the details.

📞 093 1 555 150 @

Frequently asked Questions


What is included in taking courses at the University of Spain?

1. Spanish courses at the University - quality guaranteed: the best teachers, 2,500 students from 50 countries are trained annually, the university trains teachers of the Spanish language, and is also the center for the DELE exam

2. Three hours a day of Spanish, 60 hours a month (optional increase to 5 hours per day)

3. Accommodation on / near the University in a single or double room / apartment

4. Free access to the Internet and to the university library (textbooks, adapted books for the level of language proficiency, films with subtitles, newspapers)

5. Certificate at the end of the courses and optional university diploma when passing the exam

And also important pleasant bonuses:


- Transfer from / to airport Alicante / Valencia

- Full informational support of a local representative, thanks to which you will feel as if you are visiting your family :)

- A choice at will: a gym, the opportunity to take part in the activities of the university (discos, concerts, a trip to the province of Alicante, workshops, dance lessons, etc.), accommodation near the magnificent sea, where from May to October super super weather (it takes only 20 minutes to get to the beach), the temperature of the air and water will definitely please you.

And most importantly, you will plunge headlong into the vibrant Spanish life: talk in Spanish, discover the incredible tastes of Spanish gastronomy, admire the sights, enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the pristine beaches of the Costa Blanca, and you will surely make new acquaintances!

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