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Having a command of such rare Scandinavian languages ​​as Norwegian and Danish, you will become a very popular specialist both in Ukraine and in the world


Norwegian (self-name - "norsk" [nɔʂːk]) is the language of the Germanic group, which is spoken in Norway. Norwegian is closest to Swedish and Icelandic. The modern classification places Norwegian together with Danish and Swedish in the mainland Scandinavian language group.

COST of group and individual lessons


The Norwegian language course lasts from three to six months.

Monthly subscription cost (2 lessons per week):

  • group - 2000 UAH (set of 8 lessons) - as a rule, there are few people in the group, since the language is rare, therefore, the efficiency of language acquisition is high;

  • "1 + 1" (2 people) - 2500 UAH per student (set of 8 lessons).


Individual lessons (including via Skype):

on average 400-600 UAH / hour (60 minutes). When buying a course, you can discuss a discount for individual lessons


- 12 hours of lessons per month (1 h = 60 min)

- CERTIFICATE of completion of the course


The program is intended for those who wish to acquire knowledge of the general Norwegian language or improve the existing level.


Separate Norwegian language programs have been developed for children, schoolchildren and adults.


The teacher is fluent in Norwegian, since she lived in Norway for four years. She also has many years of experience in teaching and translation. Teaching is conducted exclusively using modern Norwegian textbooks.


In the first semester, you will easily learn to speak, understand, write and even joke in Norwegian!




Each level lasts 40 sessions of 1.5 hours (90 minutes). On average, training takes up to 5 months when choosing the Standard program. For the Intensive program (3-6 lessons per week)   one level is reached on average in 2-3 months.


Learning from scratch involves mastering basic grammar and vocabulary, functional structures that allow you to communicate in formal and informal situations with native speakers. In the classroom, you will actively practice everyday life situations that may arise when communicating with Norwegians.


The assimilation of the temporary structures of the Norwegian language is assumed at different levels . Also, the development of vocabulary and turnovers that enrich speech varies.


Students also master the elements of writing private and business letters, essays of different genres, as well as reading texts of different styles.


How the lessons of the Norwegian language course are organized


Classes are based on a communicative approach. You will study with modern teaching materials brought from Norway. Comfortable groups are usually 3-4 people. Skype training is also popular.

Test and Certificate. At the end of the course, you will receive an internal certificate after passing the test.



Offices in Kiev:

M. Kontraktova: Kirillovskaya 3

m. Olympic: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 66, office. 405

m.Zolotye Vorota: Reitarskaya 6a, office 38

m. Poznyaki: Mishugi 2

m.Palace Ukraine: Predslavinskaya 34-B, office 109-110


INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: flexible timetable and locations


Sign up for a free test or trial lesson:

093 1 555 150, 067 723 55 30, 050 731 25 96


Top 5 facts about Norway

1. Norway is an incredibly beautiful country. The richest and most diverse nature, huge reserves of energy resources and their intelligent development make the Norwegians an extremely wealthy nation.

2. The population of Norway is less than 5 million people. More than 1.5 million Norwegians live in the capital Oslo and its suburbs.

3. Norwegians love the sea and water in general. Norwegians prefer to live no further than 200-300 meters from the water, or in its line of sight. Boats or speedboats are owned by 80% of Norwegians.

4. Compliance with laws and absence of crime. Theft is unthinkable for most residents. Only large retail chains have frames for theft of goods at the exit, or surveillance cameras. Otherwise, they are practically nowhere to be found.

5. The average salary for many Norwegians can be up to 5-7 thousand euros per month.

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