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Legal English

Legal English with Ideal International


Legal English - a legal English course specially designed for lawyers, specialists in various fields of business and the field of law.

It is no secret that in jurisprudence there are many special terms and concepts . Our curriculum assumes a sufficient number of hours devoted to the study of legal vocabulary and terminology.

The Legal Englsih course is also suitable for students studying legal and management disciplines. Also, the course will be useful to everyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of English in the legal field.

The main emphasis in the program is on legal and business vocabulary, business correspondence, preparation of legal documents, as well as conducting business games and modeling situations that arise in practice.

It is often difficult for people to adhere to a business style of communication in English, as they are more used to communicating in a conversational manner. Legal English will help you quickly get into the habit of communicating in a business style, using legal terms correctly in your speech.

You should not hope that basic knowledge of English will save you on the exam at a foreign educational institution or company in which you plan to work. Competent legal English is a guarantee of your professional success

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