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Highly qualified philologists will work with you as well as industry experts of specialized courses. Your teacher will be a Ukrainian specialist or a native speaker, depending on your preferences and level of knowledge.



The Business English course is taught by managers and economists who perfectly understand the world of business and are able to find a common language with all members of the group. The teaching staff includes a Ph.D in Economics and Business Management (analogous to the candidate of economic sciences).


Legal English course is a teacher who has a law degree (Master Degree in International Law), as well as a long time he lived in the UK. His experience in international law is a guarantee of mastery in teaching legal English.


Medical English course designed with a professional knowledge of what is needed when working with patients, successfully participating in international conferences and workshops.


The English for IT course was developed by specialists from Technical English, IT & Engineering. Your instructor, from his own experience of working in international and large Ukrainian companies, knows what kind of English is needed for IT specialists.


IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE - preparation for international tests is carried out by experienced teachers who have successfully prepared students for exams both for the purpose of further study abroad and work in the European Union, USA, Canada, India.


The teachers have extensive experience in international projects, as well as special qualifications, which provide a high level of language teaching. All students of the Ideal International courses have access to conversation clubs, immersion trainings and a variety of international cultural events.



English, Spanish and Russian Tutor, Interpreter, Business Trainer


Founder and CEO of Spanish Center Vamos

5th President of EBA Toastmasters Club


She worked as a translator of English and Spanish, as well as a marketer in international projects: construction of the US embassy, ​​a series of specialized translations for participation in the Immochan tender for an architectural bureau from France, work with hotel chains for iGlobe and Signature Europe . She worked as a translator and guide for representatives of the Spanish national football team.

Prepares students for IELTS & TOEFL exams . Absolutely all students who completed an individually designed test preparation course entered universities or colleges in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Individually prepared to participate in international conferences managers and business owners.


Among the corporate clients are Tata Motors, WOG, Sibelco, Stone Technology, Avon, Panorama Group, Luxoft, Axon, and among the students are employees of the Embassy of Spain, USA, India.


Leads levels:

Spanish: from zero to advanced

English: mostly Intermediate and Advance d

(for beginners only individually)


Moderator: Cinema Club, Story Time, Club Vamos,

Ideal International Events (Wednesday immersion)


Education: Ph.D in Economics and Business Management (2013)

Master's Degree in Marketing (2009)



English, Portuguese, and Spanish Tutor, Interpreter, Business Trainer


Founder and CEO of Spanish Center Vamos

5th President of EBA Toastmasters Club


Levels of groups or individuals:

- Russian: any level

- Spanish: from beginners to Advanced

- English: mostly Intermediate and Advanced


Svitlana has taught Business & General English, Portuguese, and Spanish to Corporate Clients, groups, and private individuals.


Svitlana has facilitated the launching and development of business projects in Ukraine for people from the USA, India, and Europe. Fluent in English and Spanish, she has participated in numerous international projects.



Cinema Club, Story Time, Club Vamos (Español),

Ideal International Events (Cultural Exchange while attending concerts, Cooking, Travelling, etc.)


Education: Ph.D. in Economics and Business Management (2013)

Master´s Degree in Marketing (2009)



French and English teacher


Leads levels from beginner to advanced



French Cinema Club

French Evenings


Education: Kiev National Linguistic University


Tutor and Teacher of Russian.

Instructor of General French & English


Levels of groups or individual:

- Russian any level

- French & English: beginners till advanced



French Cinema Club

French Cultural Evenings


Education: Kyiv National Linguistic University



Legal English, Business English, General English, Test Prep, Translator / Interpreter


Leads levels: from beginner to language learning to professional


Expert: Legal English, Business English, General English, preparation for international tests (IELTS, TOEFL), translations

Studied English from an early age in the UK. Vladimir has perfect British English.


Education: International Law (Master)



Legal English, Business English, General English, Test Prep, Translator/Interpreter


Levels he teaches: from Beginners till Proficciency


Expert: Legal English, Business English, General English, IELTS, TOEFL, Translator/Interpreter

Studied English in the UK from an early age. Has taught General English, Business English, Test Prep (IELTS, TOEFL).


Education: International Law (Master)



English teacher, trainer


Conducts a conversation club, teaches individually, and also deals with corporate training (all levels)



English Speaking Club



Matt is from Minnesota, a state in the Midwestern United States. He loves teaching English. He really enjoys living in Kiev and getting to know Ukrainian culture. Mat also enjoys reading and films. Want to know more? Come to the monthly open conversation club. Also sign up for a mini-group with media. A lot of fun and useful vocabulary awaits you :)

Leo (Ecuador)


Spanish teacher


Moderator of the Spanish club Vamos


Leads levels: from A1 to advanced C2

DELE exam preparation


He has been teaching at the Vamos Spanish Center and, accordingly, at the Ideal International Center, from the very beginning of the creation of Spanish courses. Leo was at the forefront of curriculum development and today also largely oversees the selection of relevant and interesting materials for classes. The total teaching experience is three years. In addition to adults, he also taught children and even families. Leo teaches great both in groups and individually. He also teaches Spanish to corporate clients using the “Two Teachers” system and always gets great reviews and recommendations. Responsibility, sense of humor and full dedication to the educational process make him the favorite teacher of many students.


It is worth noting that Ecuadorian Spanish is especially beautiful. Ecuadorians have a pleasant intonation, they pronounce all the letters and speak at a measured pace.


Class format:

Classes in a group, individually at the office, at the customer's site, via Skype.



English and Russian language teacher, moderator of the German conversation club


Leads levels from beginner to advanced



German Film Club

German Speaking Club

English Discussions


Education: Kiev National Linguistic University, Faculty of Germanic Philology (English and German)



Russian, English and German Teacher



Levels she teaches: Beginners till Advanced



Deutscher Kinoklub

German Speaking Club

English Discussions


Education: Kyiv National Linguistic University



Teacher of Spanish, English and Russian


Leads levels from beginner to upper intermediate



English Film Club

Spanish speaking club

English Discussions


Education: Kiev National Linguistic University, Faculty of Germanic Philology (English and Spanish)



Russian, English and Spanish Teacher



Levels she teaches: Beginners till Upper-Intermediate



English Cinema Club

Spanish Speaking Club

English Discussions


Education: Kyiv National Linguistic University

D. C.

MBA, Master of Business Administration


Преподаватель английского и BUSINESS ENGLISH, модератор разговорного клуба


Hi! I am from America. Originally from the central part of the country, I have lived in the West, South, and Northwest areas of America.  I like to travel and play sports.  I have travelled to Brazil, Spain, Singapore, and many other countries.  My favorite sport is soccer.  I also like to run, swim, bicycle, and hike.


Arizona State University: MBA, Master of Business Administration, 1998

Arizona State University: BSE, Chemical Engineering, 1996

Emphasis in Semiconductor Processing, 1996


An Operations Manager with international experience and strong business acumen; practical experience with Continuous Improvement techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, and TPM; and the ability to increase the cash flow and value of the organization.



Project Management. Black Belt, 6-Sigma. Training Supervisor Cost Management

Continuous Flow. Lean manufacturing Kanban, Kaizen Inventory Optimization TPM, 5S, AM, FI, PM. A3, PDCA Cycle SMED, Centerlining Maintenance Supervisor DFM, FMEA, EM Supply Chain Mgt. Ops Planning. Production Supervisor


Прекрасный преподаваель общего и бизнес английского. Общительный, ответсвенный, для каждого студента разрабатывает индивидуальную программу. 




English teacher, trainer


Conducts a conversation club, teaches individually, and also deals with corporate training (all levels)



English Speaking Club

British English


For many years he lived in Great Britain, in particular in Manchester. He is a trainer and teacher of English for both corporate and general groups. It's always fun and easy with him.


Trump - every time you learn super valuable words and phrases typical of the British :)



English teacher, preparation for FCE, IELTS tests


Hi there!


My name is Valery. I am a teacher of English in Ideal International. I can definitely say I'm in love with English and I can easily make my students fall in love with it too! My teaching experience has started in 2013 and since that time I can't imagine myself doing anything else. I always take a chance to practice my language skills, including attending speaking and discussion clubs, teaching seminars, lectures etc. My inspiration is traveling and meeting new people.


Briefly, I may tell you I'm the most optimistic and positive teacher you can ever meet and I can't wait to see you in my class!



Certificate of taking language courses in United Kingdom, FCE, (IELTS)


Character: ambitious, optimistic, creative, artistic

Hobbies: traveling, music, art, fashion


Іспанська від А0 to С1, philologist, changeover


Osvita: Kyiv National Linguistic University,

Faculty of Romance Philology (Spanish)


For 8 years, I live in Spanish language, without a break in Spain. For Rocky poїzdok to Іspanії two Rocky pіdryad went dodatkovo on the course of іspanskoї MTIE (Cursos de español como lengua extranjera Universidad de Zaragoza. Sche їh nazivayut ELE de Jaca organizado por la Universidad de Zaragoza. Vіdvіduvala groupies 6A in 2012 rotsі she 5B in 2013 rotsi, who were respected by a finder similar to C1 . The course successfully passed the substitutions, the results were 9/10 offense (Sobresaliente). On the confirmation of May, I received the confirmation of the new


At a great hour I like to read a book, great Spanish language, hear music, I give a Spanish trip, one Latin American that tuber, spend an hour with some of these friends, and it’s like living, kudi? I am going to go to Spain, I may be on my way to pobvati in a new place, and learn more about the culture and history of what has been seen.

Jansin (from Turkey)


Turkish, General English and German Teacher, Translator



Leads levels from beginner to advanced



Anadolu University - Opening Faculty- International relations - Eskisehir



Anadolu University –Tourism and Hospitality Management - Eskisehir


She teaches both in the office and at home. Has a wealth of experience in teaching children.

She is very sociable and cheerful. He knows how to win over any audience. She is responsible for her work and always selects modern useful material for classes and trainings.

Joe (USA)


General and Business English Teacher



Leads levels from beginner to advanced


Mega experienced teacher. ALWAYS develops training programs individually.


Professional stylist.


Talented, has a variety of hobbies: shark fishing, music, travel


Joe's classes are very fun, exciting and informative!



Spanish teacher


Leads levels from beginner to advanced




Spanish Conversation Club and Film Club



Education: Kiev National Linguistic University, Faculty of Germanic Philology (Spanish).

Loves to travel, lived in Cadiz (Spain) and in Ecuador. She studied Spanish philology in Spain. She is constantly surrounded by native Spanish speakers, so she is often mistaken for Spanish or Latina :)

Julio (Ecuador)


Spanish teacher


Moderator of the Spanish club Vamos


Leads levels: from A1 to advanced

His strong point is speaking practice in a group or individually.


Classes in a group, individually at the office, at the customer's site, via Skype.


Country: Ecuador

Alberto (Spain)


Spanish teacher


Moderator of the Spanish club Vamos


Leads levels: from A1 to advanced


Educación / Formación Académica


2009-2012 Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Grado en Español: Lengua y Literatura


2005-2009 IES 'María Zambrano' Estudios clásicos y Humanidades (estudios preuniversitarios)


2008-2011 Miembro del Grupo teatral "La barraca". Madrid, España

2009 Miembro del Comité de intercambio 'ADEPAL', Madrid.

Puesto: Asesor de actividades.

Responsabilidades: Enlazar distintas asociaciones docentes europeas para la organización de eventos culturales.


Formación Complementaria

Conocimientos avanzados de Historia del Arte e Historia de la Literatura (Española e Inglesa)

/ He impartido clases de arte, así como organizado cineclubs y otro eventos culturales

(en Español y en Inglés)



Literatura, Música, Arte, Cine


Classes in a group, individually at the office, at the customer's site, via Skype.


Spanish, English and Russian language teacher, translator


- Universidad de Alicante, Spain Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Máster universitario en español e inglés como segundas lenguas / lenguas extranjeras


- Kiev National Linguistic University

Faculty of Translators, specialty "Philology, English and Spanish"

(Issue June 2013)


Personal qualities:

• Work for results,

• A responsibility,

• Sociability,

• Creativity,

• Sense of humor ;)



Italian language teacher, translator

- KNU them. Shevchenko "Italian language, literature and translation".
- Czech language courses Linguanova (level B1 certificate) 2012.
- Teaching in English. in Bratislava in the international team for the AIESEC program


I love foreign languages in all forms (study, teaching, communication). Naturally, I really like to travel, learn new cultures and people). I have been dancing for many years. I am interested in various types of art (especially music and dance).



Italian language teacher, translator


Mariupol State University

Specialty: "Language and Literature (Italian)", diploma with honors


Additional education:

1.01.- 31.03 2015 Italian language and culture courses at the University of Siena for foreigners , first degree diploma in Italian language and culture, level C1

October 22-29, 2014 seminar-workshop "Igrove technologies in the Vikladanna of the earthmovs"

17.02- 17.03 2014 Italian language and culture courses at the University of Potenza ( Universita degli Studi di Basilicata )

1.08-31.08 2013 Italian language courses at the University for Foreigners named after Dante Alegieri (Reggio di Calabria), C1 certificate

13-14.04. 2013 training program "Business Lettering in English"


Professional qualities and work experience:

  • Knowledge of the basics of child psychology and pedagogical theory;

  • Experience with children of primary and secondary school age

  • Rich experience in teaching adult audiences and translation activities.


Personal qualities: active life position, respect and support of people, desire for good, responsibility, diligence, relative resistance to stress, self-development.



Vikladach Chinese movi, shifting


Xuzhou Pedagogical University徐州 师范大学(since 2012 - Jiangsu Pedagogical University 江苏 师范大学). Vyvchav Chinese MOV at the preparatory faculty and after having received a general certificate. Parallel to navchannyam sklav іspit for knowledge of Chinese language HSK 3 rivnya.


U 2013-2014 rr. having taken out a scholarship to the Confucius Institute from the Zhejiang Pedagogical University 浙江 师范大学. Honorary diploma was awarded as a laureate of the declamation of proms.


Oleksiy is now present at two pedagogical universities to China for a straightforward "Chinese language that culture"; sklav іspit on the knowledge of Chinese movi HSK4. I can post-practice practice with movi noses, and also practice by shifting.


Stocks: tai chi (taijichuan ta taijishan), Chinese cuisine, calligraphy, tea ceremonies and everything that is tied to China. Seem to be more expensive. Zokrema, Oleksiy Vidvidav Shaolin Monastery and Temple of the White Horse.

Vladislava (came to the USA)


Vikladach nimetskoi and english mov


Moderator of the nimetsky club


OSVITA: Kiev National University IM. Taras Shevchenko

specialty: "Transfer from useful and English translations";

2009 - 2010 p. - Student on exchange of programs of leaders FLEX (USA, Utah, Manti)



Journalism activity - a member of the School Yearbook team (USA);

Representation of Ukraine at the festivals of young leaders near Poland (Nisa, Krakiv).


Storage : dance, vocals, piano, road


Nicholas (Ecuador)


Spanish teacher


Me llamo Nicolás, nací en Quito, la capital de Ecuador. Vivo en Kiev desde 2013.


Soy una persona activa por eso hablo mucho o intento hacer algo interesante con mis amigos, especialmente hacer reír a la gente, es lo que más me agrada.


Soy guitarrista, y la música es algo que esta dentro de mi, sin música no se puede vivir.


Yo se hablar ucraniano basico e inglés fluido, este último lo estudié toda mi vida, así que tengo mucha mucha confianza en él.



Chinese language teacher


Lived in China to practice the language. Has extensive teaching experience in groups and individually


She is fluent in Chinese, as evidenced by the certificate of passing the HSK-4 level 2015 (Chinese Proficiency Test)


Sociable, attentive teacher, puts a beautiful pronunciation. In the classroom, he pays special attention to the correct spelling of hieroglyphs, explaining the interpretation of the keys. Vladimir also fascinatingly talks about the historical features of the formation of the language, and is also fluent in modern Chinese slang, which arouses particular interest of students in learning the language.



Teacher of English and Russian. Interpreter


Lived in the United States to practice the language. Has extensive teaching experience both in groups and individually


About Alyona: Crazy about traveling. Lived in USA. I have great experience with native speakers, been abroad many times. Very responsible and creative teacher.


Alyona always prepares some special additional materials in order to bring fun and inspire her students to speak more!



French, English and Russian language teacher. Interpreter


Professional linguist and translator with rich experience in language teaching. By profession - translator of French and English. She is fluent in French. He has been to France three times and is constantly teaching and practicing French English translations. Teaches French levels from A1 to C1, prepares for the DELF exam. At Ideal International school he also teaches English to groups of levels Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate.


Responsible and caring teacher. Applies a communicative approach, while integrating grammatical material in a balanced and harmonious way.



Teacher of Polish, French and English. Professional translator

Education: KNLU, honors degree, specialty "Translator of English and French".


She has extensive experience as a teacher of English and French with children aged 8-12. I also worked a lot in French with adult students.


Half Polish. Works as a Polish-French translator for Polish musicians. He travels to Poland to the concerts of the group, for which he works as a translator. The practice of communicating Polish is two hours a day on weekdays and five hours on weekends.



Vikladach polskoi movi, perkladach


31 rik. Philological education.


Viklada Polish language is mainly for grown-ups and pidlitkiv. For children at once, viclades at the educational schools. To love the price, especially to flatulence.

Busy to pass zhvavo, tsіkavo tsicheno. In addition, in 2.5-3 months of the beginning, one ryven is covered.



Norwegian translator, teacher


Higher education

from 09.2007 to 11.2011 studied at the University of Bergen (Norway), translator of Norwegian. Has certificates confirming knowledge of the Norwegian language and passing exams. The certificates are certified and issued by the University of Bergen.

Lived in Norway for 5 years. Experience as a translator since 2011. She translates professionally. He has a wealth of experience in teaching Norwegian for groups and individual students.



Arabic and Russian language teacher



  • National University named after T. Shevchenko

  • Univercity Mentouri, Algeria, Constantine

Arabic, Russian and Ukrainian are native languages

English and French - Advanced (fluent).

Translator since 2009. Teacher of Arabic and Russian since 2012.

Highly professional teacher with many years of teaching experience. An employee of the Iranian Center. She has an excellent understanding of the intricacies of the Egyptian Arabic dialect and prepares for the Modern Standard Arabic exams.

The group is being recruited for the new trimester! Sign up :)



Spanish teacher


Learning languages ​​is an important part of my life, as it brings me great pleasure. Yes, it is the pleasure of learning foreign languages ​​that is the key to success. This method is reliable and not subject to appeal!


Spain is a wonderful country with interesting culture, history and customs. It was the love for this place, people and mentality that awakened my desire to learn the language, and not just to learn, but also to communicate with its native speakers on Skype, on social networks and to go on a visit on vacation. In learning Spanish, I believe in a hands-on approach. Yes, theory is an important enough basis, without which it is impossible to communicate correctly, but practice is interesting, fun and fast. Therefore, in the lessons we will communicate a lot, discuss and discuss various topics. This is an exchange of experience, an increase in the general level and a moral pleasure.


I gained valuable experience while doing an internship in Spain, in the city of Salamanca. I am engaged in Latin American dances, every day I come into contact with the Spanish-speaking world and learn more and more new things about this unique and at the same time simple language to genius.

I have successfully passed the international DELE test, so I authoritatively prepare students for the DELE test at levels A1-B1. I believe in daily work and work on myself. If you are interested in having fun learning Spanish - “¡Bienvenidos!”



El aprendizaje de los idiomas es una parte importante de mi vida, porque la me trae gran placer. Sí, especialmente el gran deseo del aprendizaje de las lenguas extranjeras es la clave del éxito. Este método es fiable y no susceptible de recurso! España es un país maravilloso con interesante cultura, historia y costumbres.


El amor por este lugar, la gente y la mentalidad despertaban mi deseo de aprender el idioma, y ​​no sólo para enseñar, sino también para comunicarse con sus portadores a través de Skype, redes sociales y montan para visitar en vacaciones.


En el estudio de la lengua española, creo en un enfoque práctico. Sí, la teoría es todavía bastante una base importante, sin la cual es imposible comunicarse correctamente, pero en la práctica es interesante, divertido y rápido. Por lo tanto, en el aula, tendremos que comunicar, debatir y discutir un montón de temas. Esto es intercambio de experiencias, elevar el nivel general de satisfacción y moral.


Yo ya pasé la práctica en España, en la ciudad de Salamanca, me encantan los bailes latinoamericanos, trabajo como tutor personal y aprendo más cosas sobre este único y al mismo tiempo con el lenguaje simple y brillante. Además, preparo para la prueba DELE en los niveles DELE A1-B1 otros y, a su vez, se he preparado con éxito a los estudiantes para pasar la prueba. Creo en el trabajo diario, y el trabajo sobre sí mismo. Si usted está interesado en disfrutar del aprendizaje de español - "¡Bienvenidos!"



Teacher of German and English



  • Kiev National Linguistic University (Master)

Years of experience in teaching and translation practice guarantee successful language learning. Olga is a demanding teacher and sets students up for results. So be prepared for homework and a solid amount of words added in each lesson.

Olga practices German with native speakers, so her grammar and vocabulary will also be enriched with stories about life in Germany.



German teacher



2010-2011 Kyiv National Linguistic University. Specialty "mov and literature (nimetska)", qualification Master of Philology; vikladach nimetskoy and english language and foreign literature

2006-2010 National Pedagogical University IM. M.P. Dragomanova. Directly training "Philology", qualification Bachelor of Philology; teacher of nimetsky mov and foreign literature.

Irina viklada nimetsku mov from 2009 to rock. MAY BAGATIY DOSVIDENNYA NIMETSKOY AT THE NATIVE SCHOOL. We spent a trivial hour of praction by shifting to the Ukrainian-Nimetskiy spilny industrial enterprise, when every day a few fell asleep and letters were transferred to a different level of folding.

Iryna vmіє tsіkavo tribute material that will want to move to nimetskіy. On the skin of a busy day, there are a lot of communal games, role situations and some ordinary and brown surprises.



Chinese translator, teacher



Kiev National Linguistic University

Faculty of Oriental Studies

Specialty Philology (translation of the Chinese language)


Educational institution in China:

Shanghai, Tongjidaxue 2015-2016

Chinese language courses

上海 同济大学 / 自 2015 年 至 2016 年 在 同济大学 国际 文化交流 学院 学习 汉语


Educational institution in China:

Shanghai, Shanghai University of Finance and Economy (2016)

Summer School-Chinese business Program

上海 财经 大学

上海 暑期 学校 - 中国 大 项目 规定 的 课程

Has been teaching Chinese at Ideal International since 2016. Once you have attended her classes, you will be delighted with the teaching style and attention given to you!

flag Spanish wow.jpg


Spanish translator, teacher

He lived and worked in Spain for over 6 years. Graduated from a language school in Madrid in 2011. Since 2014, he worked in Equatorial Guinea as a translator for a large company. He is fluent in Spanish and is also very familiar with the culture and traditions of the Spanish and Latin Americans. Has solid teaching experience.

He uses a lot of interactive material in the classroom, pays a lot of attention to beautiful pronunciation. He considers it very important to do homework along with the practice of the language in a Spanish-speaking environment.

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