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Center for Oriental Languages Ideal Oriental


Why study Chinese?


  • China is an amazing country that combines progress and innovative technologies with the richest ancient culture

  • Chinese is spoken by about 1.5 billion people, and the demand for Chinese products in the world speaks for itself.

  • writing hieroglyphs is a complete relaxation and a complete switch from the bustle of the city :) By the way, the Chinese writing is about 3.5 thousand years old

  • if you are traveling to China , knowledge of basic expressions is a must. By itaytsy usually do not speak English, and rarely speak Russian

  • high salaries for employees of international companies associated with the Chinese market (it is true that important employees receive about $ 15 thousand and we reliably know such examples of Ukrainians living not only abroad, for example, in the USA, but also in Ukraine). Therefore, an investment in Chinese will definitely pay off.

Difficult or simple language?


"Chinese grammar" - this is often said about difficult things. But the grammar of the Chinese language is very easy. Writing must be studied responsibly, nevertheless, the hieroglyphs are fundamentally different from the Cyrillic and Latin letters we are used to.


Hieroglyphs can be easily learned using associative memorization methods. After all, hieroglyphs are very similar to the words, the meaning of which they convey. For example, happiness is a hieroglyph consisting of the so-called "keys" mom + child. Unlike hieroglyphics and pronunciation features, Chinese grammar itself is incredibly simple and accessible.


Hieroglyphs are very beautiful to write and have a deep meaning. The only thing is to be prepared to learn new words and hieroglyphs by heart. However, as in any new language :)

Oriental languages ​​- COURSE COST


Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean

  • Group   COMFORT (6-8 people) - 5400 UAH trimester (24 lessons)

  • mini-group (3-5 people) - 6000 UAH trimester (24 lessons)

  • "1 + 1" (2 students) - 2400 UAH from each student for 1 month (8 lessons);

  • individual lessons - on average 400-450 UAH per hour, depending on the teacher, the number of hours in the package of lessons and the specifics of training.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a CERTIFICATE of the corresponding level of language proficiency

Center for Oriental Languages Ideal Oriental

Chinese. Courses in Kiev


experienced philologists who also practiced the Chinese language while living in China. The level of proficiency in the Chinese language of teachers is HSK-4 and above (Chinese Proficiency Test).


Corporate training

Ideal Oriental


The cost of corporate training - from 150 UAH / hour / group member

Frequency of classes: two to three times a week.


The duration and frequency of classes may vary depending on the needs of the customer. The final cost of the course is determined by negotiation.


We provide a trial lesson for corporate clients for free.


our clients

Among the clients: IT Company Luxoft, TATA Motors, AVON, the Spanish Embassy in Ukraine.


Benefits of corporate training:


- flexible schedule convenient for you;

- the program is tailored to the specifics of your business and needs for business trips;

- classes are guaranteed to include practice with a native speaker, especially speaking practice;

- classes can be held on your territory, at our school, as well as on Skype;

- the cost of the course is cheaper than the standard course in the center group;

- the possibility of cashless payment for classes.



Eastern and European languages

Ideal International Language Center also provides other European and Eastern languages. Business English courses, English Discussions (speaking practice with a native speaker), and Spanish are especially popular among corporate clients.


Offices in Kiev:

M. Kontraktova: st. Kirillovskaya 1-3

m. Olympic: st. Velyka Vasylkivska 65, off. 405A (4th floor)

m. Golden Gate: st. Reitarskaya 6a, office 38


Golden Gate and Olympic:

  📞 093 569 71 50 , 050 731 25 96


Kontraktova and Poznyaki:

  📞 093 569 71 55 , 067 723 55 30


Corporate area manager Ideal Oriental:


+38 093 569 71 44 (+ viber, whatsApp, telegram)

Oriental languages for children

Chinese, Arabic and Turkish for junior, middle and high school children. Practice of individual lessons with preschoolers in a playful way. Language camp on vacation (in Kiev or abroad).

Center for Oriental Languages

Ideal International -

immersion in the cultural environment of eastern countries

Наши студенты во время

Китайской церемонии чаепития

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