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Italian language


Want to learn a new language? Or improve your italiano ?


Seven reasons to learn Italian:


1. Easy and beautiful language. Italian is recognized as one of the most beautiful languages on the planet. This melodic language is considered the most suitable for singing.


2. An ideal language for travel. According to UNESCO, most of the world's cultural heritage sites are located in Italy.


3. A lot of Italian business is represented in Ukraine. In addition, Italy is a great place for higher education and job search. Italy is one of the leading economies in the world and many employers are looking for people who speak Italian and welcome knowledge of the languages of Eastern Europe.


4. Love art, music, design, architecture, opera, delicious food? Then Italian is for you! Italy is a world leader in culinary arts, wine making, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, robotics, electromechanical machinery and transport equipment.


5. Italian is the closest language to Latin, the common ancestor of all Romance languages. Italian is developed from Latin and approximately 60% of the English vocabulary also comes from Latin. Knowing Italian, you will easily understand similar languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and to your surprise you will even begin to understand French.


6. Watch wonderful Italian films in the original: Fellini, Visconti, Pasolini!


7. Italian has the most words to describe food!


With Ideal International, you will start communicating in Italian in just a few months.


Our Italian teachers are in love with this charming language. In addition to philological education, they have constant practice with native speakers and have visited Italy many times. Also, the school is taught by native Italian speakers.


You have the opportunity to prepare for the international exams for CILS and CELI, PLIDA certificates.


CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) is the Italian language certificate for foreigners, developed and managed by the University of Siena. It is needed as a confirmation of the level of knowledge of Italian for admission to higher educational institutions in Italy. In addition, many employers accept it .

CELI exam

Another popular certificate in Italian. CELI (Certificatos di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana), like CILS, is accepted as proof of the level of knowledge of the Italian language by Italian higher education institutions and various European employing organizations. This exam is administered by the International University of Perugia. It is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and Science and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

PLIDA exam

PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri, Dante Alighieri Society Diplomas) is a language certificate created by the Dante Alighieri Society. It also confirms the level of knowledge of the Italian language by foreigners. This certificate is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and Science. PLIDA A2 certificate is accepted when applying for a residence permit. Universities usually require B2 or C1 certificates.


At the end of each level of the Italian language course, you receive an internal certificate. The test consists of written and oral parts.


The cost of a trimester of the "STANDARD" course:

3300 UAH (three months + materials).

At the end of the term, you write a test to determine the level.

The cost of individual lessons and mini-groups , please see the section Prices

Skype lessons:

from 150-250 UAH / hour, depending on the teacher, format and frequency of classes



- 12 hours of lessons per month (1 h = 60 min)

- CERTIFICATE of completion of the course


Bonuses: Conversation club meetings and special cultural events when purchasing a course


Sign up for a free test or trial lesson:

093 1 555 150

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