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Business English with Ideal International


Business English is a specially designed course for business people - owners of companies, managers and specialists in various fields of business.


During the training, you are offered such real work situations as business acquaintances, telephone conversations, business correspondence, meetings, negotiations, business trips. Moreover, during the course of Business English, much attention is paid to the study of lexical material that is related to the areas of management, marketing, law, business correspondence, and finance.


The English for Job sub-course is designed for those who need a language both for work and for everyday communication. It successfully bridges the gaps between business and general English, and its content is culturally inspired. Especially good for employees of multinational corporations, as well as for those planning to create a career in an international company.


Semester cost: 4 800 UAH (instead of 6000 UAH)


Semester: 4 months = 48 asters. hours

Payment for one set of 12 hours of classes 1500 UAH.

Payment for the entire semester at the rate of UAH 1200 (for every 12 hours).

One lesson = 1.5 hours (2 academic hours, 90 astr. Minutes)

Frequency: 2 times a week


Since Ideal International organizes Ideal Business Club meetings , you will also get the opportunity to practice business communication with native speakers who are well versed in business.


There is a special offer "Bring a friend to any course" - 5%.


Business English Club 'Deal Ideal'


Expert: Mark, a successful entrepreneur from US experienced in International Deal Making. Provided financial service for various multi million dollar projects


Moderator: Lana, Ph.D. in Business Management, Seniour Lecturer of Business Negotiations Course in English


Number of participants at a regular meeting: up to 12 people

Special meeting: up to 20 participants and at least two experts


Price: 200 grivnas for 1 person and 150 grivnas for two people


ONLY registered and prepaid participants will actually assist the Business Workshop.


NOTE: we provide you special materials and share valuable tips for presentations if you're registered.


The meetings may be videotaped for making you a better negotiator and speaker. We respect your privacy and share publicly only those videos of the presentations you give after your approval. Lecturers' videomaterial is in a free access on youtube


Ideal International brings an innovative approach of mastering your Business English.


We decided to change a format of our ordinary English Discussion meetings and explore the practical side of dealing with business people.



This workshop is aimed to discuss specific business projects and find creative ways of making them better.



We will discuss BUSINESS CASES and work in teams depending on the topic. Every time you recieve a competent feedback and master your communication skills


WHEN: usually every Saturday at 4 pm


WHERE: we choose a location depending on how much space and what special equipment the participants need. So please check the address every time you decide to come.


Sign up for the next meeting of Business English Club:

093 1 555 150




Ukrainian philologists and native speakers with rich teaching experience. Business English teachers include MBA Business Administration, Ph.D. in Business Management, teachers with experience in conducting and translating business negotiations, working in international projects. More details - in the COMMAND section.


Business English course methodology


Training is based on a communicative approach using the main Market Leader textbook and additional interactive materials.

When studying, we consider various topics of Being international, Business ethics, Finance and banking, Project management , etc.

For you, we create a convenient schedule for attending classes in a group or individual form of work.


How classes are structured

Classes are based on a communication approach. You will study using modern teaching materials. Comfortable groups are usually 4-7 people (90% of all groups are "Mini" and "Comfort"). Practice with a native speaker is guaranteed. For some classes during the semester, we invite native speakers even in groups with a Ukrainian teacher, and we also provide a wide range of activities in English.



At the end of the course or specialized trainings, participants take a test and receive certificates.


Gift certificates

We make beautiful personalized certificates to order. A valuable, worthy and unusual gift.


Also, cultural events take place regularly:

- meetings of the Business Enlish Club 'Deal Ideal' business club,

- networking events,

- movie screenings:Cinema Club ,

- a conversation club,

- picnics and sports competitions,

- culinary master classes and other events.




Benefits of corporate training:

- flexible schedule convenient for you;

- the program is tailored to the specifics of your business and needs for business trips;

- classes are guaranteed to include practice with a native speaker;

- you work with colleagues in a group of the same level;

- the course is much CHEAPER!

- in most cases your company will cover part or all of the cost of your training.


IDEAL INTERNATIONAL has been successfully providing corporate training to a number of renowned companies. Among corporate clients: Luxoft, TATA Motors, AVON, Stone Technology, Sibelco.



INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: flexible schedule of lessons and locations


Buying a package of individual lessons, you move much faster and do not waste time on the road.


Off-site classes are popular - corporate classes in the office, both for a group and individually. We even practice immersion in the environment in cozy cafes in the city center next to your office at any time convenient for you!


Contacts: +38 093 1 555 150


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