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General English


General English for every day


course for those who seek to find freedom of communication in everyday situations, as well as in travel

The course is intended for those who need language for everyday life. You will master the necessary lexical and grammatical material both for work and informal communication and travel.


After a free test, you are offered a choice of group schedules according to your level. You have the right to take a trial lesson and make sure that the group and teaching method really suits you.

A distinctive feature of classes at Ideal is an individual approach and comfortable groups. Before starting the course, we conduct tests to determine the level of language proficiency. Based on the test results, as well as your wishes, we select for you a course program with a focus on the spoken part or grammar.

The cost of a trimester of the "STANDARD" course:

3980 UAH (three months of classes, 2 times a week + free materials in electronic form).

At the end of the term, you write a test to determine the level.

The cost of individual lessons and mini-groups , please see the section prices

ideal weekend.jpg

Intensive training program

'English Weekend'

Immersion in the English-speaking environment usually takes place throughout the day (8 hours)


                11.00 Speaking

12.00 Writing

13.00 Lunch in English

14.00 Grammar

15.00 Speaking

16.00 Movie and Discussion

18.00 Informal conversation, games

19.00 Good bye

Trainers: native speakers and experienced Ukrainian teachers.


Cost: 650 UAH all day or 400 UAH for half a day.

One training without a subscription: 180 UAH. Bring your friends: up to 20% discount.

English language course program for each level


General English Course


English - course cost:

  • 6600 грн – group classes with a Ukrainian linguist

  • 9000 грн – group with a Native speaker

  • 7500 грн – mini group


  📞 093 569 71 55 ,

viber - what's app - telegram 📞 093 569 71 44

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Corporate English

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Corporate English for a team of professionals

the course is designed for heads of organizations, middle and top managers, private entrepreneurs

Training in corporate English does not only involve learning special business vocabulary. It also covers the study of a variety of clichés and lexical constructs that are necessary for negotiations in different areas of business.

The advantage of the corporate English course at our school is that a competitive team of professionals is formed and developed in the learning process.

Working through various cases and special business assignments in English, students form teams that achieve various goals, solve problems and questions posed by the teacher. Corporate English not only facilitates a solid English learning process, it is also an excellent team training.

Among our students: employees of Avon, Axon, New Yorker, Pravex Bank, Ukrzaliznytsia, the Spanish Embassy, ​​Stone Technology Ukraine, Luxoft, etc.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

PRICE: We will send the price list to your email upon request. It is advisable to attach a technical assignment, with a description of wishes for the schedule of classes, as well as a description of groups by level. You can choose to take classes with a philologist as well as with an English native speaker from the US or UK.

English language

for children and adolescents

Teens & Pre-teens

CHILDREN 5-16 years old

Gaining knowledge with Ideal international means studying at any time convenient for you. The system of training in a group or individually in the most comfortable conditions (at home or at school). We guarantee the result in a month! Your child will be more free to speak and surprise with his knowledge. Our youngest students are five-year-olds :) We are glad to everyone!

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

English summer program

"Ideal Continent"


USA, Canada, Great Britain & United Kingdom.

Best international jobs in the word. Choose your dream job and country.

Vocabulary: professions, business

Games: Monopoly. When I grow up ...


International Cuisine.

English food. Is it true that British eat porridge every morning?

American food. Is it only fast food?

Asian food. Why is it usually so spicy?

Where is the best european food? How to make pizza and paella?

Vocabulary: food, supermarket, kitchen, cooking

Game: Going to the market & Cooking favorite meals


West meets East.

English for Traveling. HOTEL: Check-in and Check-out

Vocabulary: traveling, hotel, sightseeing

Games: Where's Sindbad? Guess the country


Australia & New Zeland.

Incredible nature. Exotic animals and birds.

Vocabulary: nature, animals, climate, intersting facts about the continent

Game: Domino of animals & birds


Discover Europe!

European countries. Cultural differences

Vocabulary: best destinations for traveling, seasonal shopping

Game: shopping for summer holidays


Disnay Stories. Your favorite Disney characters!

Role-playing of fairytales or stories for children. Now it's your time to shine!



All teachers are both Ukrainian philologists and native speakers with experience working with children. We have successfully carried out three programs for children during the holidays in Kidlandia (for children from 5 to 13 years old). Typically, middle and high school students prefer youth groups based on our Ideal International language center.   More details - in the COMMAND section.

How classes are structured

Classes are based on a communication approach. Pupils study using modern teaching materials. Comfortable groups are usually 6-8 people, with a maximum of 10 students per group. In addition to classes, you will have a wide variety of extracurricular activities in the language of interest.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Sign up for a free test, a trial lesson in a group or for individual lessons:

Golden Gate, Olympic, Kontraktova and Poznyaki: 📞 093 569 71 55

viber - what's app - telegram: 📞 093 569 71 44

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