Why men and women can't be friends? Идеальный разговорный клуб. Ideal speaking session with Jam

Is it true about you? If you have something to prove these statements or disagree with them welcome for DEBATES! The topic of English Discussion with JAMES is "Friendship between men and women" Wednesday 8th of July at 7.30 pm Frunze 1-3, of. 41a (metro Kontraktova is very close) Ideal International Language Centre https://www.fb.com/dealideal.net Register: 093 1555 150, dealideal.net@gmail.com Here's an intriguing article about different perception of words by men and women. Do you know what ‘codec’ means? What about ‘wisteria’? Chances are that if you know a codec is a device that compresses data, you’re male. If you’re more familiar with the climbing shrub belonging to the pea family,

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